Birch plywood and Basswood plywood for laser cutting toys and crafts

Application - Toys and crafts

Plywood craft toys have been around for a long time and remain a popular choice for both children and adults. Foresmate’s plywood has a smooth, flat surface that won’t scratch your fingers and is stain-free.

The thickness of the plywood toy and craft board that can be utilised ranges from 1/8 inch (3 mm) to 1/4 inch (6 mm).

Birch Plywood:

Because of its durability and stability, birch plywood is an excellent material for manufacturing toys and crafts. It’s a tough, lightweight material that’s simple to deal with. It takes paint and stain well and can be carved and moulded into a variety of patterns. Birch plywood toys and crafts include dolls, houses, desks, seats, bookcases, and other items.

Application - Toys and crafts
Basswood plywood
Application - Toys and crafts
Birch plywood

Basswood Plywood:

Another excellent material for manufacturing toys and crafts is basswood plywood. Because it is a softwood, it is simple to cut and mould into elaborate designs. It is also lightweight, making it simple to transport and build. Basswood plywood is ideal for the construction of puzzles, automobiles, boats, miniatures, and other toys. It also accepts stain and paint well, making it an excellent material for crafting stunning and one-of-a-kind items.

The Advantages of Plywood Toys and crafts


Toys made of plywood encourage imagination and creativity. Children can use their own creative ideas to paint, decorate, or personalise their toys in any way they choose. This not only encourages their creativity but also offers kids a sense of ownership over their objects.

Hand-Eye Coordination:

Making plywood craft toys requires hand-eye coordination, which is a crucial skill for youngsters to learn. As they assemble the pieces with their hands, they are honing their fine motor abilities.

Problem-Solving Skills:

Plywood craft toys usually demand some amount of problem-solving since children must figure out how to fit the pieces together to form the final product. This sharpens their critical thinking skills and instills in them the value of endurance and determination.

Application - Toys and crafts


Plywood craft toys are quite durable.They are built of high-quality materials that can survive hard use and outlast cheaper plastic toys.


Many plywood craft toys are educational, such as puzzles that teach children about shapes, colours, and other ideas. This can aid in their cognitive growth and general learning ability.

Plywood Toys and crafts Popular Types


  1. Wooden puzzles
  2. Wooden animal figures
  3. Wooden building blocks
  4. Wooden race cars
  5. Wooden planes
  6. Wooden boats


  1. Laser-cut signs
  2. Wooden jewelry boxes
  3. Picture frames
  4. Birdhouses
  5. Wooden boxes
  6. Wooden trinket holders
  7. Wooden shelves
  8. Wooden clocks
  9. Wooden sculptures

Finally, plywood toys and crafts are a fantastic alternative for both youngsters and adults. They provide numerous advantages, including creativity, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving abilities, durability, and education. There is a plywood craft toy for any child’s interests and ability level, with possibilities ranging from vintage vehicles to difficult puzzles. Consider Foresmate’s laser toys and crafts plywood as a terrific option whether you’re looking for a fun and educational toy for your kids or an amazing source of plywood.

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