Melamine paper

Different types of melamine paper. widely used in veneer on cabinets, closets, and laminate flooring.Melamine is a type of glue whose formaldehyde content may be regulated by the statistical standard range in the manufacturing process with ordinary gum producers.Melamine-impregnated paper is the next step after melamine-impregnated glue and some additives.

melamine paper warehouse
melamine paper pintree
melamine paper

In addition, after finishing plates on a hot-press, the hot plate (made of MDF, particleboard, or plywood) is used.Melamine impregnated paper base paper according to various functions and different, if you want to achieve decorative effects, use the color of melamine paper; wear if you want to play the effect, use the wear-resistant paper; If you want to play the effect of mechanical equilibrium, use the balance of the paper.

Pure color series

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