Melamine board

Melamine board can then be created by applying the melamine board (laminated sheet) on particle board, waterproof chipboard, or plywood. It comes in a range of hues, designs, sizes, and thicknesses.

melamine plywood

Melamine Plywood

Flat-surfaced melamine laminated plywood is more durable and has a stable twofold expansion coefficient. Whether or whether melamine board furniture pollutes the air depends…

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melamine particle board

Melamine Particle baord

You can choose the thickness of your melamine particle board or coated chipboard. Thin ornamental panels, wooden doors, and other decorative panels are perfect for making wall panels…

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waterproof particle board

Waterproof Melamine Chipboard

To prevent the plate from rapidly expanding after being exposed to water, Foresmate’s waterproof chipboard is made by joining the appropriate amount of moisture-proof particles in the substrate, and moisture-proof putty is normally divided into two colours, the most common of which is green…

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melamine osb

Melamine OSB

Our LOSB (laminated OSB board) has a high degree of warpage that is tough to deform: The warpage deformation of solid wood grain board is negligible, it has great dimensional stability, high strength, and stiffness, and it is difficult to bend while hanging heavy garments.

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