Melamine Board

Melamine is essentially a kind of laminate, but not all laminates are constructed of melamine. While making melamine laminates, a melamine/formaldehyde mixture is molded into a sturdy plastic sheet by applying a specific amount of pressure per square inch to the laminate. The classification of the laminate is altered by the amount of pressure used. Melamine is manufactured with a pressure of 300–500 pounds per square inch, making it a low-pressure laminate (LPL). Formica, commonly known as high-pressure laminate (HPL), is produced under pressure of more than 1400 pounds per square inch.

Melamine resin is a tough and long-lasting plastic that is created through polymerization from an organic molecule at first. A melamine board can then be created by attaching the melamine sheet to medium density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, or particleboard. It comes in a range of hues, designs, sizes, and thicknesses.