We have our own professional and perfect team of designers, who update the surface design of different effects and colors every month, including wood grain, stone grain, solid color, marble grain, leather grain and so on. We have the most cutting-edge design inspiration and concept, and have different styles of targeted color schemes for different markets, which can meet the aesthetic needs of different markets and customers. We Can provide customers with timely and effective product solutions, and can also be designed and customized according to customer requirements.

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Our standard sample is 200x200x18mm (if you feel this size does not show the full color and pattern, please let us know what you think).


High gloss melamine board melamine paper design ptxy-8390

The surface texture of UV high gloss melamine board decorative panel is clear and natural, the material reduction is very high, and the mirror highlight effect is obvious, just like the surface of porcelain is smooth, and the light can be a mirror.our uv glossy plywood wear resistance and scratch resistance, UV decorative panel surface high hardness more grinding more bright, room temperature curing long-term deformation, in additon its acid and alkali resistance, our uv glossy plywood can resist all kinds of acid and alkali disinfectant corrosion, can be safe to use in humid environment.

High gloss melamine board melamine paper design ptxy-8390

Melamine products are generally supplied in the following sizes:

1220x2440mm or 1200x2800mm

(Different products have different sizes and specifications, please click on the following product details)

Available substrates include: