18mm Melamine Laminated OSB / LSB

Laminated OSB / LSB

  • LSB,OSB 3 core,two laywers of fine fiber on the upper and lower layers,it can be lamented with melamine paper,uv,veneer
  • LSB is the upgraded version of osb.it improves the surface paving process of the osb board,which makes the surface flatter,and makes up for the defect that the osb can;t be directly decorated due to the exposed large shavings.it can be directly decorated.


Melamine Laminated OSB / LSB Specification

Size: 1220*2440mm ,1220X2750mm or other size as per customer’s request
Thickness: 18mm
Thickness: Tolerance ±0.2mm
Moisture: 8%-10%
Core panel: Eucalyptus or Pine
Color: high gloss,skin feeling,matt,embossed, glossy, leather,wave,oak,walnut,flower,saw,solid wood etc.
Glue: P2,MDI
Free Sample: Available at any time
Lead Time: Delivery time about 7-20 days.
Edge banding PVC/ABS Edge Banding produced in our own factory, and colors will be 99% similar with the melamine plywood

Features of Laminated OSB

Our melamine OSB is made of preferred plant fiber, and only a small amount of adhesive is used in the process of production, so its environmental protection coefficient is relatively high, and will not cause pollution to the environment after fine processing particleboard has a smooth surface and realistic texture, external appearance, it can be used in a variety of veneer decoration. After a series of processing technology design, particleboard has staggered particle distribution inside and good weight bearing capacity

Common Uses

        • Furniture
        • Cabinets and shelves
        • Decorative projects

We offer a full cutting and edging service on all of our sheet material. If you would like your sheets cut to size, do one of the following options:

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