Quality features

1.Our Melamine particle board warpage degree is not easy to deformation: solid wood grain board warpage deformation is small, good dimensional stability, high strength, good stiffness, hanging heavy clothes is not easy to bend.
2.The nail holding force is strong, the inside of the solid wood grain board is the grain shape of the cross scattered structure, so the grip is strong, you can nail round nails, screws.

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Our standard sample is 200x200x18mm (if you feel this size does not show the full color and pattern, please let us know what you think).

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Melamine particle board colours ptst-007 | decor 1000+

Melamine particle board colours ptst-007 has exquisite texture, soft tones, make your furniture more beautiful and durable.

Melamine particle board colours ptst-007

Melamine products are generally supplied in the following sizes:

1220x2440mm or 1200x2800mm

(Different products have different sizes and specifications, please click on the following product details)

Available substrates include: