4’x8′ plywood laminate surface design | PTST-012

plywood laminate decor-ptst-012 melamine furniture paper for kitchen cabinets board DW18440-1, is used in the furniture decor industry to be pasted on a wood-like panel surface, is a part of a melamine panel, that is a strong and beautiful alternative to veneer, traditionally made from pine or birch. Melamine panel is a lighter but stronger material than traditional veneers of equal thickness and therefore, more shock absorbent for rear cabinets. Melamine is also being used to create prototypes for furniture design including tables, chairs, shelving units, and panels.

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Melamine paper is a type of ornamental paper used on composite wood boards (for furniture), flooring, and other applications. It is widely used in retail and home design. The melamine paper sheet is created by dipping the printed in the melamine resin, unlike the finish paper foil, which has a surface texture pattern. As a result, the melamine paper is stiff sheet by sheet, square by square, and is cut to size after manufacture.4'x8' plywood laminate surface design | PTST-012

Melamine products are generally supplied in the following sizes:

1220x2440mm or 1200x2800mm

(Different products have different sizes and specifications, please click on the following product details)

Available substrates include: