Surface design ptxy-9114 for uv plywood is a material that is economical for mass manufacture. It can be applied to bathroom counters, kitchen cabinets, and other places that need a strong, long-lasting surface. Melamine paper is an excellent option for kitchen cabinets and other home furniture because it is non-toxic unless swallowed. Even office furniture can use it.

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Our standard sample is 200x200x18mm (if you feel this size does not show the full color and pattern, please let us know what you think).


16mm uv mdf panel design color ptxy-8696 on Foresmate

16mm uv mdf panel are applied to a printed piece, then rapidly dried and cured by exposure to ultraviolet light which hardens the glossy coating. Because of the ultra-high-gloss nature, this coating will make high-contrast images and photographs “pop” on printed pieces.

- PTXY-8696

Melamine products are generally supplied in the following sizes:

1220x2440mm or 1200x2800mm

(Different products have different sizes and specifications, please click on the following product details)

Available substrates include: