Is the mdf sheet wardrobe door safe for the environment?

1.Because the interior of mdf sheet wardrobe doors is fiber, a lot of glue will be used in the production process, and the formaldehyde content of the glue is relatively high.

2.The environmental protection level of different brands of mdf sheet varies due to the glue used. Some glues’ formaldehyde content is within the national standard, but the price is higher, whereas other glues’ formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, but the price is lower.

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The mdf sheet wardrobe door can be used for a long time.

1.Depending on the environment, the mdf sheet door can be used for several years. If it is in a relatively humid environment, the life of the wardrobe door will be reduced because MDF has poor moisture resistance and is easily expanded and deformed.

2.If the environment is relatively dry, the MDF’s service life will be longer, typically around eight years; however, the interior of the MDF is powdery, so the nail gripping force is relatively poor, and there may be looseness.

3.If you want the MDF to last longer, you should keep it dry. You can put some desiccant in the closet, and you should ventilate it more frequently. When cleaning, do not use an overly wet rag to remove it. wipe.