Waterproof Melamine Chipboard

Waterproof Melamine Chipboard is characterised by its high resistance to moisture. It is made of wood particles, joined together by special synthetic resins.
It is especially indicated for structures that are located under cover, floors bases, manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom furniture and other elements that are exposed to humid environments.


Waterproof Melamine Chipboard Specification

Size: 1220*2440mm 2100x2800mm or other size as per customer’s request
Thickness: 9mm/12mm/15mm/16mm/18mm/22mm/25mm
Thickness: Tolerance ±0.2mm
Core panel: Eucalyptus,Pine
Usage requirements:water-resistant
Color: high gloss,skin feeling,matt,embossed, glossy, leather,wave,oak,walnut,flower,saw,solid wood etc.
Glue: P2,E0,E1,E2
Free Sample: Available at any time
Lead Time: Delivery time about 7-20 days.
Edge banding PVC/ABS Edge Banding produced in our own factory, and colors will be 99% similar with the melamine particle board

Features of Waterproof Melamine Chipboard

  • Doesn’t require any treatment after fitting as the surface is already finished
  • Cost-effective
  • Water, shatter and scratch-resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Waterproof Melamine Chipboard is also FSC,CARB and CE certified.
  • The consumer can use it in Indoor.

Common Uses

  • Cabinets
  • Furniture
  • Bathroom partition